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the informer

Katya Petrovna is a risk-taker. It’s what led her to leave her job at the Russian Federal Security Service and join the new G8 Intelligence Agency. But her reputation as headstrong and independent precedes her, and G8 wonders if she’s ready for their dangerous missions. When a Russian woman is caught at London Heathrow airport with a suitcase full of cash, John Hammond, G8’s Director General, assigns Katya her first operation: infiltrate a Russian mafia-run casino on the Black Sea.

Katya goes undercover as the daughter of a wealthy ex-KGB officer looking for a good time. But as she delves deeper into the casino’s operations, she finds herself out of her depth. The mafia’s reach extends all the way to a Chinese Tong Casino in Macau, where they’re running a brutal trafficking operation. And with each step, Katya’s mistakes put her in even more danger.

She tries to recruit Kirill, a casino floor manager who she knew as a street kid in Moscow, as an informant. But as the stakes get higher and the risks greater, she can’t be sure if he’s on her side or working for the mafia. Katya’s descent into the dark world of the high-stakes casino trade is a nightmare of cruelty, torture, and death, but she can’t stop now.

The girls in the trafficking trade need her to do what she does best: take a gamble.







A couple of years have passed since the Libyan dictator, Gadaffi, was savagely murdered.

The half billion dollars he embezzled from the Libyan people for his personal gain was stolen by a depraved moneylaunderer known only as Cartwright. Now, a 

rumour has reached Katya Petrovna, deputy director of the G8 intelligence agency, that Cartwright has been spotted at a luxury hotel development on the coast of Morocco.

Following the tip off Katya and her team head to the Sahara where her life dissolves into a terrifying nightmare as she discovers Cartwright is as violent and treacherous as he is corrupt.

Dredging up every art of manipulation and deception learned from her early life on the streets of Moscow and a dozen G8 operations, she stumbles blindly into 

Cartwright’s dark world of moneylaunderers, prostitution racketeers and terrorists.

As the screw turns Katya plunges deeper into danger. The pressure to find the money and return it to the Libyan people intensifies. Long buried conflicts from her past begin to surface. Is there a way she can escape to a life of freedom or should she overcome the whisperings and complete the deadly mission.

Whatever Katya has in mind. Cartwright has other thoughts.

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A horrifying secret is hidden in a remote uranium mine in Siberia. Katya Petrovna, a Russian G8 Intelligence Agency agent, goes undercover to get alongside the violent and murderous owner. As she twists and turns to avoid discovery in the terrifying labyrinth of his tortured world, Katya begins to suspect she has another enemy–betrayal. Siberia’s searing cold matches the savagery of her opponents and Katya must use all her indomitable courage and manipulative skill to stay alive and complete her mission.Copyright © David Bickford / Coinkydink Limited



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In the throes of southern Turkey, Tansu rises as the formidable leader of the PKK freedom fighters, igniting the flames of independence among the ten million Kurds. Yet, beneath the guise of liberation, Tansu harbors a darker truth. A seasoned terrorist since the tender age of twelve, her heart beats not for freedom but for the bloodshed of Turks, with the Turkish Parliament firmly in her crosshairs. As Tansu’s relentless crusade propels millions of Kurds toward an insurmountable clash, Turkey teeters on the brink of chaos, its cries for peace drowned by the march of boots and the roar of conflict spilling over into Europe through Greece’s beleaguered gates.

Europe, fractured and fearful, descends into discord, its nations scrambling to fortify their borders against the surging tide of refugees. Amidst this turmoil stands John Hammond, the steely Director General of the G8 International Intelligence Agency. Tasked with an impossible mission, Hammond and his elite team are plunged into the shadowy depths of Tansu’s world, a labyrinth of violence and betrayal. With each step, the danger mounts, and Hammond finds himself haunted by the specter of Albert, a debauched Lebanese banker whose past is littered with the dead.

Could Albert, with his intricate web of financial deceit, be the linchpin in the PKK’s campaign of terror? Could he hold the key to Tansu herself? To unravel this enigma, Hammond must navigate the perilous waters of trust and deception, drawing Charlie, Albert’s enigmatic artist step-daughter, into the fray.

Bickford’s masterful touch weaves a tale of intrigue and suspense, where allegiances are as shifting as shadows, and the quest for truth leads down a path fraught with danger and darkness. In this high-stakes game of espionage and betrayal, Hammond must confront the very essence of terror to prevent the collapse of nations and the loss of countless lives.

Copyright © David Bickford / Coinkydink Limited

“David Bickford is a legend from the world of espionage and counter-espionage. He has brought his rich experience to bear on a stellar series of novels that bring to life the many complex challenges confronting spies and national security in the 21st century. A five-star recommendation.”  James Adams, Johns Hopkins University, Former Managing Editor Sunday Times, Advisor National Security Agency